All proprietary concerns and other legally recognized entities engaged in the business of manufacture of yarn dyed fabrics and situated in any part of Tamil Nadu

Admission to Membership:

  1. Every application for admission as a member of the Association shall be in the form prescribed and shall be proposed in writing by one member and seconded in writing by another member of the Association and such a proposal duly signed by them shall be presented to the Committee of the Association.
  2. The Committee shall either accept or reject without assigning reasons the application and proposal for membership and communicate in writing such decision to the applicant.
  3. Every applicant admitted to membership shall, within 30 days of his admission as a member, pay the admission fee for the time being in force and also the annual subscription fee payable for the time being in force at the time of admission
  4. The year for annual subscription shall be the official year of the Association commencing 1st April in each year.  A member joining at any time during the year shall pay for that year subscription fully besides one time admission fees
  5. The admission fee and the subscription once paid is non refundable under any circumstances.
  6. On admission of an applicant as member, the member, his nominee member or alternate member shall be bound by the Rules and Regulations of the Association in force for the time being and from time to time.  Every member shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Rules and Regulations on payment of the prescribed fee, if any.
  7. No applicant shall exercise, any of the rights or privileges of membership until he has paid the admission fee and also the subscription
  8. The annual subscription shall be payable by the members within one month from the commencement of the year


  1. Formal Application to accompany with company profile, Admission Fees and Certificate of Incorporation.

Admission & Subscription Fees:

  1. The one time admission fee shall be fixed periodically by the Governing Council Members but such sum shall not be less than rupee One Lakh. The annual subscription fees by the members of the Association shall also be periodically decided by the Governing Council of Members.
  2. The one time admission fee shall be by the member-in-admission
  3. The Yearly subscription fee shall be as resolved annually in March of each year by the managing/committee for the ensuing financial year from April following.

Expulsion of Members

A member shall cease to be a member;

  1. On ceasing to be the owner of  fabrics production unit on the basis of which he was admitted to membership;
  2. On giving three months notice in writing of his desire to terminate such membership and upon the expiry of the said notice period;
  3. On default in payment of subscription “or any other dues”
  4. On expulsion from membership by a majority of the committee members governing the association.

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